I am the NO-HYPE Crypto Coach! After spending 1000+ hours reading hundreds of articles, watching YouTube videos, and listening to Podcasts, I noticed a very big gap in the crypto education space. Crypto is complicated, takes too much time to get the right information, and there's too much noise being created by hype guys on TikTok and Instagram.

Which is Why I Created Uinta Crypto Consulting

No more reading hundreds of blog articles. No more brother-in-law advice. Just practical tools that work!

You've recognized that Crypto is important and here to stay. Now you need a REAL Coach! What differentiates me from anyone else is that I am AVAILABLE. My clients have daily and weekly access to ask me any and all questions. You never have to feel like you're doing this on your own.
  • Interactive Video Content

    Downloadable content, Q&A sessions + hands on video lessons

  • Focus on You

    Everyone's financial situation and risk tolerance is different. I cater to your personal

  • Actionable Info

    Action items included with each lesson to show you HOW to apply the information + cater it to your specific needs

  • One Easy To Manage Platform

    No more sorting through blogs and books. It is all on one easy to manage platform.

  • No Fluff

    A compilation of tried and tested principles from crypto blogs, books, interviews, from the best investors, traders millionaires, and crypto gurus.

  • Digital Tools

    Access to unique tools and templates with specific "How To" video walk throughs showing HOW to utilize the technology out there.

Social proof: testimonials

“I can honestly say that this is probably the most helpful financial learning I've found in ages. This is worth more to me than meeting with a financial advisor for the past several years combined. Everyone knows in the back of their head that they need to start thinking about saving for retirement now. After taking this course, I feel that this information is of equal importance. Cryptocurrency and bitcoin aren't something that we have the luxury of ignoring anymore.”

John N.

“The Uinta Crypto Course was, hands down, the most beneficial educational course I've ever taken when it comes to cryptocurrency. Spencer was not only extremely knowledgable and well informed, but he explained the crypto space phenomenally well. I left his class feeling very equipped with the knowledge, understanding, and resources to capitalize on the opportunities with crypto. Thank you!!”


“Spencer's class was very helpful and informative! While I've had a Coinbase account and invested (VERY LIGHTLY) in cryptocurrency for a few years, I've been "driving blind" as far as strategy goes. In a very clear, logical, evidence-based way, Spencer answered questions I've had for a while about crypto, as well as questions I didn't even know to ask. My biggest take-away was increased confidence in including Bitcoin as part of my investment portfolio... Emil”

Emily P.

“Before this course I had heard about Crypto currency as an asset to invest in and also as a risk to stay away from. After taking this course I understand in great detail the asset that crypto currency can be as an investment to me and the steps I need to take to continue my education about Bitcoin and crypto currency. I feel confident in my own knowledge and resources to do that now thanks to this course!”


“I was fairly confident in Bitcoin and ETH investing before the course and have been buying for ~4yrs now. But now having taken the course I understand so much more, am more confident in evaluating good times to buy, explaining the concepts to friends and family, and I’m excited to continue making this an important part of my investing strategy.”


“Loved this course! I learned more about Bitcoin and the world of crypto in 4 hours than all the articles I’ve ever read on the subject. I’m explaining Bitcoin to my friends now!”


Meet the Instructor

Spencer Montgomery

Spencer Montgomery

Founder / CEO

Spencer Montgomery is the Founder & CEO of Uinta Crypto Consulting, a cryptocurrency training and mentoring program. Spencer has been providing Bitcoin and cryptocurrency consulting and training for over 4 years. He has spoken to over 3000 people and has influenced over $5 million of crypto investing. Spencer personally turned $13k into over $1.2M in 18 months back in 2017 and more impressively sold in early 2018 protecting his earnings. He has helped many friends and family 10x their money investing in crypto assets. Spencer has a MBA and a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Brigham Young University. Prior to starting his own company, Spencer was the Blockchain Evangelist for Microsoft.