Hi, I'm Spencer Montgomery

After helpings hundreds of people invest in cryptocurrencies, I've identified THREE core mistakes almost every crypto investor makes at one point or another. Today I'm inviting you join me in a free training that will teach you how to avoid making those same mistakes!

In this free training I will show you...

  • How to prevent from following the wrong advice

  • How to overcome your fears of feeling like you're too late

  • How to right size your crypto investment portfolio

  • Where I think Bitcoin and Ethereum are going this year

  • How I turnedd $13k into $1.2 Million in 18 months

This FREE training is for...

  • Crypto Newbies

    Are you overwhelmed with trying to come up to speed on all things Bitcoin and crypto? This is the perfect training to start with before you make any devastating mistakes.

  • Crypto Veterans

    Even if you've been in the crypto space for some time, before you get to comfortable, be sure you check out this training to solidify your foundational understanding and continue to increase your chances for great investment returns.

  • HODLers

    If you are thinking longer term and plan to HODL (hold) your crypto for 5+ years, this is a great educational foundation to start with.

  • Swing Traders

    Do you want to try and optimize your gains by taking advantage of crypto's volatility? This training will provide a foundation of understanding to help you with the right mind set.

  • Day Traders

    If you love trading, and want to start actively trading cryptocurrency, this training will help you establish a solid foundation to which you make your trading decisions.

Social proof: testimonials

“I finished up the training modules earlier today. I had watched a few YouTube videos in the past to try and understand cryptocurrencies better, but the content you presented and referenced was fantastic! Also, as I was going through the course I realized every question I had was answered within the first or second module.”

David V.

“I can honestly say that this is probably the most helpful financial learning I've found in ages. This is worth more to me than meeting with a financial advisor for the past several years combined. Everyone knows in the back of their head that they need to start thinking about saving for retirement now. After taking this course, I feel that this information is of equal importance. Cryptocurrency and bitcoin aren't something that we have the luxury of ignoring anymore.”

John N.

“The Uinta Crypto Course was, hands down, the most beneficial educational course I've ever taken when it comes to cryptocurrency. Spencer was not only extremely knowledgable and well informed, but he explained the crypto space phenomenally well. I left his class feeling very equipped with the knowledge, understanding, and resources to capitalize on the opportunities with crypto. Thank you!!”


“Spencer's class was very helpful and informative! While I've had a Coinbase account and invested (VERY LIGHTLY) in cryptocurrency for a few years, I've been "driving blind" as far as strategy goes. In a very clear, logical, evidence-based way, Spencer answered questions I've had for a while about crypto, as well as questions I didn't even know to ask. ”

Emily P.

“Before this course I had heard about Crypto currency as an asset to invest in and also as a risk to stay away from. After taking this course I understand in great detail the asset that crypto currency can be as an investment to me and the steps I need to take to continue my education about Bitcoin and crypto currency. I feel confident in my own knowledge and resources to do that now thanks to this course!”


“I was fairly confident in Bitcoin and ETH investing before the course and have been buying for ~4yrs now. But now having taken the course I understand so much more, am more confident in evaluating good times to buy, explaining the concepts to friends and family, and I’m excited to continue making this an important part of my investing strategy.”