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Stage One: I’m new to cryptocurrency

When you’re just starting out, your main focus should be on the history and current state of cryptocurrency. The tools below will help you get started in the right direction, even on a tight budget.

Coinbase logo

Coinbase is the most reputable firm to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. They make it extremely easy to buy and sell and have a strong reputation for security.

Coinbase Pro logo

Another product of Coinbase. It is designed for traders, but works the same way as Coinbase. They charge 1% less in fees compared to Coinbase. This is the main platform I use.

BlockFi logo

BlockFi allows you to earn up to 6% interest on your Bitcoin and Ethereum and 8.6% interest on your USD. Think about BlockFi was your crypto savings account.

Tradingview logo

This is the best place to view your crypto charts. This is what all the professional traders and investors use.

CoinMarketCap logo

CoinMarketCap is a great place to start your crypto research on various coins. Make sure to download the mobile app.

Taxbit logo

TaxBit has quickly acquired the reputation of being the best software to use for your crypto taxes. Just connect your accounts and let it do the rest.

Microstrategy logo

MicroStrategy, a public company that bought $1 Billion of Bitcoin, provides a curated list of educational materials to help you come up to speed on Bitcoin.

Stage Two: I’ve invested in Cryptocurrency

It’s time to level up what you’ve worked so hard to build! You need the tools and systems to help you run the ship, invest more with less effort, and leverage your current position to scale and automate faster. As you continually learn, the sky’s the limit!

Kraken logo

Another very secure and highly reputable exchange to buy and sell cryptocurrencies.

Coinzoom logo

For those local to Utah, this is a great exchange to support your local community. They offer lower trading fees and a Debit Card that rewards you up to 5% back.

Metamask logo

MetaMask is a wallet that you can download on your phone or on your browser to hold Ethereum and ERC-20 tokens.

Messari logo

Messari provides high quality crypto news and reports.

Woobull logo

Unique and useful Bitcoin charts like the Bitcoin Mayer Multiple chart.

Digitalik logo

Important valuation metrics and charts. Stock to Flow chart is constantly updated here.

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